• Mark Bjorndal D.Min. (P), USNRET

Christian Persecution in America? Is it possible?

Opdateret: 22. nov. 2020

"Welcome to persecution America. However slight.

We should stop using the word discriminatory or discrimination in our language as Christians and call it for what it really is if it is truly happening here in America. We have been so caught up in using the word discrimination for acts against religious freedom that the actual word "persecution' has been forgotten. Jesus promised us that we would face persecution if we follow Him.

Persecution is not only for those who live overseas in North Korea, Africa, Iran, China, Malaysia, or India or for any other country that makes it a practice. We here in America are not immune to persecution. It has now come to our door steps though not as severe.

What is the proper response to this? Praising God even more, telling others about the love of Jesus and how they too can be saved and forgiven of their sins. We are not the victim. We are the children of God! Standing up for our liberties is good and telling those who try to snuff us out, or control us, that they cannot do that, is also good.

Welcome to persecution America. Be strengthened believer in Jesus. Remember, they persecuted Jesus. How much more will they persecute us who believe in Him? Read Acts chapter 4. Remember the words of Peter and John in Acts 4:19-20, and the prayer they lifted up in Acts 4:24-31.

We as believers in Christ, need to be of one heart and one mind (4:32). Brothers and Sisters in Christ, it's not about us or our religious freedom. We have already been set free in Christ. Let's look to the Author and Finisher of our faith as we live in a very dark world where Satan is killing and destroying many who need to be rescued.

Is it a big deal when one leader says “You cannot sing in church?” To some probably, but I defy that order because this is one of the ways we worship our God. Let's be that light on a hill, shining in the darkness.

Let this strengthen us in our faith and boldness to preach the word of God. Remember what Jesus said in John 15:18-21. Also John 16:1-4.

Welcome to persecution church, however slight it may be. Stay strong in your faith. Get off the fence, get on your knees and Pray for the church in America. Pray for your loved ones. Pray for your neighbors. Pray for your persecutors. Pray for those who hate Jesus. Pray for those who hate you because of your faith in Jesus.

Get serious about your faith in Jesus and LIVE! Turn your eyes upon Jesus and LIVE! Tell others about Jesus and LIVE!

We are a living testimony to who Jesus is! LIVE it out church! What can man do to us, take our life away? Maybe, but they can never take our faith! I love you my family. Cannot wait for the day when we are finally home. In the meantime, let's bring others with us."

Big Four Mountain near Silverton, Washington